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Business Continuity Management App

The Intellix Business Continuity Management (BCM) App enables enterprises to execute and manage an effective business continuity and disaster recovery (DR) program. It provides a flexible, integrated, and robust platform to meet multiple BCM needs, including business continuity planning, risk assessments, disaster tracking, and recovery action initiation and management. Users can proactively plan crises responses, periodically test recovery procedures, and enable rapid recovery from disruptive incidents affecting business operations. The app is certified for conformance with global accessibility standards and best practices as defined by WCAG 2.1 Level AA and Section 508.

The app helps implement a consistent BCM plan across organizational functions, while enabling a centralized approach to recovery planning and crisis management. It also covers BCM frameworks and standards such as ISO 22301. Emergency mass notification capabilities, as well as mobile-enabled access to continuity plans and crisis reports (both online and offline) improve response time during a critical event.


Process And Asset Inventory

Leverage Intellix’s GRC Library to maintain a hierarchical structure of the organization, including objectives and relationships between processes, sub-processes, and dependent assets. Integrate with Configuration Management Databases (CMDBs), where the entire asset inventory is maintained.

Business Impact Analysis

Trigger Business Impact Analysis (BIA) surveys to identify critical assets and processes. Automate cumulative criticality scoring and calculations of recovery objectives. Map Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) dependencies through the app’s business process modeling capabilities. Visualize these dependencies using the app’s next-gen Data Explorer feature.

Business Continuity Risk Assessment

Perform qualitative and quantitative assessments of business continuity risks impacting key processes and assets. Enable a more in-depth understanding of risks by using hover cards to visualize inter-process dependencies and asset relationships. Gain a comprehensive view of risks across geographies.

Business Continuity And Recovery Planning

Create and maintain continuity plans from pre-built plan templates (every time a template is updated, so are the associated plans). Link these plans to business processes, critical IT assets, locations, and key contacts. Define recovery tasks and timelines using Gantt charts.

Plan Exercising

Test business continuity and recovery plans to check if the activities outlined are up-to-date. Through the plan exercises, ensure that employees are well-prepared for recovery activities during a crisis situation. Map the test results to related applications, and store them in a centralized register to support course corrections.

Crisis Management

Implement powerful workflows to declare, report, and follow a crisis to closure. Track recovery steps across owners and locations. Monitor risk profiles, control ownership, and assessment plans. Record the crisis remediation status using real-time graphical charts.

Emergency Mass Notifications

Communicate effectively before, during, and after a crisis. Create and manage emergency call trees and user distribution lists, as well as emergency notification templates.

Issue and Action Management

Manage, track, and close issues and actions triggered from risk assessments, plan exercises, and crises. Set up workflows to address these issues and actions based on their severity and priority, respectively.

Integration with Vendor Risk Management App

Integrate with the Intellix Vendor Risk Management App to conduct business continuity assessments, and analyze risks across vendors in the supply chain.

Mobile Capabilities

Create and publish business continuity plans on Intellix’s native GRC mobile application, available on iOS, Android, and Windows platforms. Leverage the mobile application to send and track emergency notifications during crisis recovery.

Delivering Business Value

  • Build confidence in compliance by staying updated on multiple complex regulations and the velocity of regulatory change

  • Minimize the costs of compliance by rationalizing controls

  • Avoid the risk of compliance violations, penalties, and reputational damage with timely insights on compliance readiness at each organizational level

  • Improve the efficiency of the compliance function by automating control assessments and testing
  • Demonstrate the maturity of the compliance function to regulators by adopting a structured and sustainable approach to compliance management

Enabling High Performers

  • House and keep track of all the risks relevant to your business in our pre-built risk library.

  • Link risks and controls to the business areas and resources they impact with our taxonomy technology.

  • Maintain your audit management responsibilities and track the status of your projects with easily accessible to-do lists.

  • Deliver engaging presentations of your findings with ready-made, highly configurable reports and dashboards.

About Us

GRC is no longer just about monitoring compliance with regulations or managing known risks. It's about sustaining an organization's social license to operate - ensuring that business practices, operating procedures, and corporate behaviors are acceptable to employees, stakeholders, and the public at large.

To some extent, this goal is achieved with the help of rules and regulations that tell enterprises what they can and can't do. However, bad behavior cannot be prevented with rules alone. What really matters is integrity - acting in accordance with core values; making sure that the things we say and the things we do are aligned. Integrity is the foundation on which enterprises build satisfied clients, engaged workforces, and successful brands.

At Intellix, our commitment is to enable enterprises to "Perform with Integrity TM". Through our GRC solutions, platform, and services, we want to help our customers drive exceptional business performance and success in a way that is aligned with their core values, mission, and sense of integrity.

Case Studies

Mastercard Builds a Safer Payments Ecosystem with a Fourth-Party Risk Monitoring Program

Case Studies

GRC as a Driver of a Successful Enterprise Risk Management Program

Case Studies

The Intellix GRC eBook


Intellix provides a complete portfolio of GRC solutions that enable organizations to build a holistic, collaborative, and highly efficient approach to GRC. Our solutions are leveraged by organizations across industries to make the shift from inefficient siloes of compliance activities and risk data, towards cohesive and tightly mapped GRC programs. Through our solutions, organizations gain the visibility they need to effectively manage a wide range of business and IT risks, while strengthening compliance with multiple regulations, policies, and standards. Advanced analytics, real-time reports, regulatory notifications, and other key capabilities enable organizations to minimize business liabilities, and optimize opportunities for success.

  • 67% Improvement in risk reporting visibility and efficiency for the executive management and board

  • 60% Faster response time to regulatory changes

  • 50% Fewer compliance issues

  • 38% Reduction in the cost of managing vulnerabilities and their impact

  • 50% Reduction in the time and costs required to complete vendor/ supplier assessments, and to identify risk

  • 58% Reduction in issue resolution time1


Whether you're planning to implement a Intellix GRC App, roll out an upgrade, migrate to the cloud, or extend the Intellix GRC Platform to generate additional business, our service offerings are designed to help you realize success. Success means getting up and live as quickly as possible, accelerating time-to-value, seeing a measurable return on investment, and delivering Apps that your employees adopt seamlessly.

We have simplified the process to implement an integrated GRC program and our global team of skilled consultants and experts works to ensure that your Intellix Apps are deployed efficiently, whether in the cloud or on-premise. The Intellix service team has completed hundreds of successful implementations around the globe and has years of experience working with GRC processes, solutions, and technology.


GRC Journey

Through our GRC Journey initiative, we work with you to create a step-by-step blueprint for your GRC program based on the best practices and insights derived from our most successful customer journeys.



In the cloud or on-premise, our team ensures that your Intellix Apps go live as quickly as possible, accelerating time-to-value, and simplifying adoption.


Customer Support

Our customer support group would be happy to address concerns, issues or questions regarding Intellix Apps. We offer multiple levels of support to meet varying requirements. Our support centers are located in Palo Alto (US), Milan (Italy) and Bangalore (India).


“The benefits of using Intellix are that everything is in one system; everything has a single taxonomy...We have combined all our risk definitions in one central occasion, so that it’s easy to report on and people know what a high-risk issue is.”

One of the challenges that we face is to understand, communicate, and take action on the many regulatory changes that occur across programs and product lines. The Intellix GRC tool will help us standardize and streamline processes to manage regulatory change effectively. It will also help ensure that regulatory change is consistently executed and delivered throughout the organization.

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